Are you Futurepoofing your project?

graphic of futureproofing your construction project with sealing solutions

Our exclusive Fire Rated Sealing System range includes: Non-Combustible Breather Membrane – A2 Cortex UV Facade Tape & Double Sided Acrylic Tape Fire Rated Pre-moulded Corners Fire Rated Paste Adhesive B-s1-d0 Fire Rated Vapour Barrier Membrane A2-s1-d0 & B-s3-d0 Each product individually tested! Click on the link below for more details. Does your future project… Read More

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The only Class B Fire Rated Paste Adhesive…

Cortex 0771FR Paste Adhesive - BBA Approved - CLASS B

The only Class B Fire Rated Paste Adhesive on the market: CORTEX 0771FR Paste Adhesive. A high-quality, elastic, one-component paste for bonding Cortex Fire Rated membranes. The key benefits: Achieves a very good bond to most common building substrates Certified to Class B-s1-d0 (EN13501-1) Colourfast and UV resistant Very easy to apply BBA Approved Call… Read More

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Speedster – Fast Handheld Applicator

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The revolutionary Speedster Profile Protection System The Speedster System allows you to quickly and efficiently protect your aluminium profiles, ensuring your product gets to its destination damage free. Discover real performance, try Speedster today! Reliable alignment with profile ensures rapid film delivery improving output Designed for five popular film widths Stylish and sturdy storage Speedster… Read More

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