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Rapid Distribution for on-site deliveries, only from Obex. At Obex, we know how time-critical your job is. That’s why we have extensive stock in-house and ready for delivery to your site in less than 48 hours. Keep your project moving, order today. view our full product range >

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Fire Rated Paste Adhesive for easy application


Our Obex Cortex Paste Adhesive is the only class B fire rated EPDM alternative paste adhesive on the market. Cortex 0771FR Paste Adhesive is a high-quality, elastic, one-component paste adhesive for bonding Cortex Fire-Rated Membranes. View Product Now >     View the Full Fire Rated Range Now >

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Featured Project: Black Horse View, Walthamstow

Building complex street view

Black Horse View is a mixed-use development which comprises of 350 apartments. Obex Contracting are supplying and fitting the Cortex 0500FR Vapour Barrier Membrane (Class B-s3-d0) with our Cortex 0771FR Paste Adhesive (B-s1-d0). The Cortex 0500FR Membrane is applied to the frames from Uniform Architectural, prior to the frame being installed and then sealed off… Read More

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