BBA Certificate Presentation

On the 8th March Obex received an official certificate presentation from the CEO of BBA – Claire Curtis-Thomas at the Ecobuild exhibition on our Cortex EPDM Membrane System.
Our entire EPDM Membrane System is now BBA certified for weather tightness, air barrier continuity, resistance to damage and durability. At Obex we are proud to say we are the only company that has this prestigious certificate to give you peace of mind and reassurance that you are in the best hands when purchasing the CORTEX EPDM Membrane system from Obex.


Tom and Russ Francis receiving an official BBA certificate from Claire Curtis-Thomas

How does this benefit you?
  • Mark of quality, safety and reliability when using Cortex EPDM System.
  • You can rest assured our products are fit for purpose.
  • Be confident and trust that what you buy will still work years later.
  • Have peace of mind when using or installing our EPDM products.

The Cortex EPDM Membrane system logo, and the BBA approved logo.

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