Our Cortex EPDM Membrane System covers every sealing scenario against water and air ingress in façades and commercial glazing scenarios. The Cortex EPDM Membrane System is fully BBA certified for weathertightness, air barrier continuity, resistance to damage and durability ensuring peace of mind.

Not only is our full Cortex EPDM Membrane System BBA approved, but a selection of our system is BBA approved for the best-in-class performance. Thanks to the quality of these products, the BBA have certified them for:

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Weathertightness – the system will resist the passage of wind-driven rain, snow, run-off water and dust into the interior of the building

Air barrier continuity – the system will contribute to maintaining air barrier continuity at lintels, jambs and sills

Resistance to damage – the system is suitably robust so as not to be damaged during installation

Durability – the system will continue to function for the lifetime of the frame around which it is installed

Tests carried out by the BBA indicate the system will continue to function for the lifetime of the frame around which they are installed. The BBA put our approved products through vigorous tests, on-site evaluations, inspections of production and compliance with relevant building regulations.

At Obex Protection, we are proud to say we have received this prestigious certificate, to give you peace of mind and reassurance that you are in the best hands when purchasing a product from the Cortex Fire Rated Sealing System and Cortex EPDM Membrane System.

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We are pleased to announce that our full EPDM range is now Socotec approved. With over 20 UKAS accredited testing facilities, Socotec have approved our EPDM range against their quality, health and safety and environmental focusses meaning our products offer the best protection possible.