Speedster – Fast Handheld Applicator

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The revolutionary Speedster Profile Protection System The Speedster System allows you to quickly and efficiently protect your aluminium profiles, ensuring your product gets to its destination damage free. Discover real performance, try Speedster today! Reliable alignment with profile ensures rapid film delivery improving output Designed for five popular film widths Stylish and sturdy storage Speedster… Read More

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BBA approval, exclusive to Obex

Cortex Fire Rated Sealing System range with BBA Approval

Quality that will last for years to come. Have you tried it yet? The BBA has certified the NEW Cortex 0200FR Membrane, Cortex 0500FR Vapour Barrier Membrane and Cortex 0771FR Paste Adhesive for: Weathertightness Air barrier continuity Resistance to damage Durability Click here to view the Cortex Fire Rated Sealing System We are the only… Read More

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Exclusive Fire Rated solution!

Fire Rated Solution Range

Our core range has been designed to service the immediate requirements of contractors with products engineered to the highest standards, whilst our team continue to develop and expand this range to offer an extensive Fire Rated solution. The Cortex Range includes Cortex 0500FR Vapour Barrier Membrane Highly UV resistant, watertight and airtight Textured surface for… Read More

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