Modular Roofing Membrane

Class B - EN 13501-1

OBEX CORTEX 0400FR Class B Modular Roofing Membrane is a flexible membrane used for covering module roofs to protect against water ingress and weathering during the construction, storage, transportation and install stages of the project.

The membrane achieves a fire classification of B-s3,d0 according to EN 13501-1 and is highly UV resistant, watertight and airtight.

The 0400FR membrane is very robust and can withstand high levels of foot traffic during the construction and installation of the module.

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  • Class B Class B
  • W1 - EN 13859-2 W1 - EN 13859-2
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Product Specs


Width - up to 5 metres | Length - up to 12+ metres


1 membrane per pack

Technical Specs

Fire Classification | EN 13501-1


Watertightness | EN 1928

W1 (EN 13984 – 2 & 60 kPa for 24 hours)

UV Resistance

10+ years

Tensile Strength | EN 12311-2

Longitudinal – 2490 N/50mm, Transverse – 2079 N/50mm

Static Load Resistance | EN 12730


Impact Resistance | EN 12691


Product Order Codes

Product CodesProduct DescriptionWidthLengthBox Quantity
20.0400.001OBEX CORTEX 0400FR Modular Roofing Membrane - Class B-s3,d0up to 5mCustom1

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