Employee portrait of Tom Francis
Tom Francis
Managing Director
Meet The Team - Russ Francis, sales director
Russ Francis
Sales Director
Meet The Team - Guy Francis, production director
Guy Francis
Operations Director
Meet The Team - Rob Francis, Director
Rob Francis
Meet The Team - Dan Norman, specification director
Dan Norman
CPD/Specification Advisor
employee portrait of caleb taylor
Caleb Taylor
Marketing Manager
Meet The Team - Katrina Mann, accounts manager
Katrina Mann
Accounts Manager
Meet The Team - Andy Trigwell, operations manager
Andy Trigwell
Purchasing Manager
Meet The Team - Tom Williams, operations manager
Tom Williams
Operations Manager
Meet The Team - Callum Doouss, technical manager
Callum Doouss
Technical Manager
Meet The Team - Cameron Francis, southern sales manager
Cameron Francis
Southern Sales Manager
Meet The Team - Josh Mann, northern sales manager
Josh Mann
Northern Sales Manager
Meet The Team - Simon Bartolomei, French sales executive
Simon Bartolomei
French Sales Executive
Meet The Team - Martin Zatko, sales support
Martin Zatko
Sales Support
Meet The Team - Steve Carvell, sales executive
Steve Carvell
Business Development Manager
Meet The Team - Monika Pieta, sales support
Monika Pieta
Sales Support
Meet The Team - Harvey Mann, sales support
Harvey Mann
Sales Support
Meet The Team - Cherelle Ball, Sales Support
Cherelle Ball
Sales Support
Meet The Team - Adam Pieta, health and safety manager
Adam Pieta
Lean Champion / Health & Safety Manager
Meet The Team - Matthew Mann, product demos and site reporting
Matthew Mann
Product Demonstrations & Site Reporting
Meet The Team - Saskia Doouss, accounts assistant
Saskia Doouss
Account Assistant
Obex Protection Ltd
Obex Team in front of building