Employee portrait of Tom Francis
Tom Francis
Managing Director
Russ Francis, sales director
Russ Francis
Sales Director
Guy Francis, production director
Guy Francis
Operations Director
Rob Francis, Director
Rob Francis
Dan Norman, specification director
Dan Norman
CPD/Specification Advisor
employee portrait of caleb taylor
Caleb Taylor
Marketing Manager
Katrina Mann, accounts manager
Katrina Mann
Accounts Manager
Andy Trigwell, operations manager
Andy Trigwell
Purchasing Manager
Tom Williams, operations manager
Tom Williams
Operations Manager
Callum Doouss, technical manager
Callum Doouss
Technical Manager
Cameron Francis, southern sales manager
Cameron Francis
Southern Sales Manager
Josh Mann, northern sales manager
Josh Mann
Northern Sales Manager
Simon Bartolomei, French sales executive
Simon Bartolomei
French Sales Executive
Martin Zatko, sales support
Martin Zatko
Sales Support
Steve Carvell, sales executive
Steve Carvell
Business Development Manager
Monika Pieta, sales support
Monika Pieta
Sales Support
Harvey Mann, sales support
Harvey Mann
Sales Support
Cherelle Ball, marketing assistant
Cherelle Ball
Sales Support
Adam Pieta, health and safety manager
Adam Pieta
Lean Champion / Health & Safety Manager
Matthew Mann, product demonstrations and site reporting
Matthew Mann
Product Demonstrations & Site Reporting
Saskia Doouss, accounts assistant
Saskia Doouss
Account Assistant
Obex Protection Ltd
Obex Team in front of building