The UK’s first A2 rated Non-Combustible Breather Membrane

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Designed to meet the highest levels of fire protection, the new
CORTEX® Breather Membrane can withstand the harshest of
weather conditions whilst being completely non-combustible!


CORTEX® Non-Combustible Breather Membrane is only available
from OBEX, so when your project demands the highest class of
fire safety, choose the only non-combustible solution available!

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The UK’s only Non-Combustible Breather Membrane to feature

  • Waterproof, Vapour-permeable and Non-Combustible
  • Façade Fire Certification: EN13501-1 :
    Class A2-S1,d0
  • Roll Size: 1500mm x 50m
  • Suitable for facades with open or closed joints
  • Can be laid directly onto Sheathing Board or insulation
  • Exceptional UV Resistance

When it comes to safety always Choose Class A...

Class B membranes on the market are difficult to ignite, whereas OBEX’s CORTEX® Breather
Membrane has an A2 Euroclass rating meaning it is fully non-combustible!

Class A2 Breather Membrane
Class B Breather Membrane
CLASS B Difficult to Ignite
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The UK’s most technically advanced
Fireproof Membrane

Colour White
Reaction to Fire A2-s1,d0 Non-Combustible (EN13501-1+A1)
Thickness 0.22 ± 0.05mm
Tensile Strength Longitudinal: 420 - 470 N/50mm
Transverse: 490 - 620 N/50mm
Tear Strength Longitudinal: 50 - 90 N
Transverse: 30 – 70 N
Low Temperature flexibility -20°C
UV resistance Not affected by UV exposure
Water Tightness Class W2 (EN ISO 12572)
Water Vapour Transmission (Sd) 0.04m
Roll Size 1500mm x 50m
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Cortex Non-Combustible Breather Membrane can be easily laid either directly onto sheathing board or insulation during the building process

Breather Membrane for Walls

A2 rated Non-Combustible Breather Membrane is part of The Cortex Range...

The CORTEX® range was developed by OBEX for every sealing scenario against water and air ingress for facades and commercial glazing. A complete range of membranes, adhesives, accessories and tools, all available from one source.

  • Non-Combustible Breather Membranes
  • EPDM Membranes
  • Adhesives
  • Primers and Cleaning Wash
  • Pre-Moulded EPDM
  • EPDM Accessories
Cortex Full Range
Cortex UV Façade Black Tape
Cortex UV Façade Tape

Cortex UV Façade Tape is a Black single sided acrylic tape with a high UV resistance and excellent bonding properties. Our tape was especially developed for sealing breather membrane overlaps, penetrations and joints. And also adheres well to non-polar and low energy surfaces.

  • Bonds well to PE foil and HDPE/PP/PE fleeces
  • High heat/wrinkle resistant
  • Guarantees an airtight seal
  • Application should be on a clean dry surface
Cortex Double-Sided Acrylic Tape
Cortex Double-Sided Acrylic Tape

Cortex Double-Sided Acrylic Tape has a high aging resistance and excellent bonding properties with a very high performance adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. Developed for joining Cortex Non Combustible Breather Membrane.

  • Application should be on a clean dry surface
  • Significant improvements to the durability & reliability
  • Acrylic dispersion adhesive system ensures the sealing bond is maintained
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