Board Sealant Close Up


Board Sealant

CORTEX 0280 Board Sealant is used to finish the joints and fxing heads on the Cortex 0270 A1 Cement Board to ensure weathertightness.

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CORTEX 0280 Board Sealant seals the joints and fixing heads on the CORTEX 0270 Class A1 Score ‘N’ Snap Cement Board. The 0280 sealant has been tested as part of the EN 1364-1 system using the CORTEX 0270 Board and CORTEX 0290 Board Screws to achieve a 60 min fire rating.

Product Specs
600ml per tube
Test Data
Fire Resistance EN 1364-1 EI60 – Pass
3rd Party Test Data
Efectis non-loadbearing fire resistance test EUI-22-000103