Flame-retardant membrane to future-proof your build

Cortex 0500FR Fire Rated VapourBarrier Membrane   Used for sealing interfaces to provide an airtight and weathertight seal on construction projects. It has a textured surface on both faces to ensure maximum bond strength is achieved.                   Does your future project achieve thehighest possible fire rating? Call… Read More

Class B Vapour Barrier Membrane…

Future-proof your projects with our Cortex 0500FR Vapour Barrier Membrane – Class B! The key benefits: Fire tested to BS EN 13501-1 (B-s3-d0) Fully BBA Approved – 3rd party tested and certified Perfect product for sealing around window/interfaces Watertight & airtight seal For more technical information call us on 01905 337800 or email [email protected] Combine… Read More

Save time with Adhesive Backed EPDM Membrane!

SPEED UP YOUR EPDM INSTALLATION… Guaranteed quicker application time with Cortex 0860 Adhesive Backed EPDM Membrane! Cortex 0860 is a fully adhesive backed EPDM with a very high bond. The membrane will adhere to most common substrates, porous surfaces may need to be primed using Cortex 0785 Primer. Using Cortex 0860 will give you a… Read More

Cortex 0860 Fully Adhesive-backed EPDM Membrane

Cortex 0860 is a fully adhesive-backed EPDM membrane with a very strong bond adhesion and will adhere to most substrates. Using Cortex 0860 will give you a quicker application time compared to traditional methods as we can now add an adhesive strip to the membrane. Can be applied in temperatures as low as -10°C. Excellent… Read More